Love Your Clothes Promotion

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Philips Love Your Clothes Promotion


    Philips Love Your Clothes Promotion

    The first 400 purchases from a Participating Store of the Philips GC3920 OptimalTemp iron will be rewarded with a free Philips GC1430 steam iron.

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    1. SPAR Illupeju
    2. SPAR VI
    3. SPAR PH
    4. SPAR Abuja
    5. Colors VI
    6. Colours Abuja
    7. Mega Plaza
    8. Alwed Abuja
    9. Roban Stores Enugu
    10. Grand Square Lagos
    11. Grand Square Abuja
    12. Next Cash & Carry Abuja
    13. Matilda Rozi Abuja
    14. Market Square PH