Chocolate fondue

A fast and favorite dessert - the perfect dipping food.

Servings 4 persons, Preparation time 5 minutes, Cooking time: 5 minutes


  • 400 grams of dark chocolate (chips or roughly chopped)
  • 250 millilitre of cream
  • A pinch of salt
  • Things to dip, like strawberrie
  • Dip banana pieces cut into 1-inch chunks
  • Dip some dried apricots
  • Some candied ginger
  • Some apple pieces


  • Warm the cream for 4 minutes at 90°C then add the chocolate and set the timer to 5 minutes at 40°C.
  • Immediately transfer to a fondue pan heated at low or with a low flame, or serve straight in the HomeCooker.
  • Arrange the dippers on a platter or plates around the HomeCooker. Use a fondue fork, bamboo skewer, seafood fork or salad fork to dip the fruit pieces and other dippers into the hot melted cream chocolate mixture.
  • Keep the chocolate warm at 40°C
  • Chef’s tip: 1. Add a tablespoon or two of Bailey's Irish Cream to the chocolate. Other liquors such as Grand Marnier, Amaretto, or Kirsch are equally yummy.2. The contents of a vanilla pod or some vanilla extract are always a decadent touch to chocolate.3. A good pinch of espresso powder can do wonders!4. Steep the cream for an hour beforehand. Then, while heating, add lemongrass to white chocolate or a bag of Earl Grey tea to dark chocolate to make gorgeous melted chocolate.
Chocolate Fondue | Philips

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