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Optimal start HP6608/01


What can I do to prevent ingrown hairs?

After any type of depilation some hairs may start growing underneath the skin. To prevent ingrown hairs we suggest to make a skin peeling with a peeling lotion or with a coarse sponge two or three days after depilation. You can find appropriate products in your drug-store.

The information on this page applies to the following models: HP6608/01 , HP2843/00 , HP2844/00 , HP6491/00 , HP6492/00 , HP6483/02 , HP6482/98 , HP6483/98 , HP6408/99 , HP6409/99 , HP6493/00 , HP6482/99 , HP6483/99 , HP2844/99 , HP6408/03 , HP2843/01 , HP2844/01 , HP6481/00 , HP6483/00 , HP6482/00 , HP6409/03 . more less

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