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Avent Manual breast pump

with VIA Storage System SCF300/12


Should I use plastic parts cracked?

Cracked parts should not be used. Combinations of detergents, cleaning products, sterilising solution, softened water and temperature fluctuations may, under certain circumstances, cause the plastic to crack. The plastic used is strong and durable but not unbreakable.

The information on this page applies to the following models: SCF300/12 , SCF304/60 , SCF300/20 , SCF302/13 , SCF300/13 , SCF304/02 , SCF302/01 , SCF290/16 , SCF292/15 , SCF290/12 , SCF290/13 , SCF290/20 , SCF290/60 , SCF292/01 , SCF292/13 , SCF294/02 . more less

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