Enhancing POC insights with integrated tele-ultrasound system
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Enhancing POC insights with integrated tele-ultrasound system

Enhancing point-of-care insights and accelerating knowledge transfer with an integrated tele-ultrasound system

Look and listen around you: life is happening right here, right now. Interactions are happening right here, right now. The world moves in real-time. Of course it does! But can the same be said for healthcare? For all aspects of healthcare? 


We believe that healthcare technology needs to mirror the needs of our fast-changing society. And that means, moving in real-time, too. In our everyday lives, connecting with people via a variety of different media has become second nature. We don’t think twice about using text, voice and video communications to keep in touch with our growing networks – wherever we are and wherever they are.

Yet in some healthcare scenarios, especially at the point-of-care, collaborating and sharing insights here and now is not so simple. Think of the doctor using portable ultrasound to scan patients in a small, rural healthcare center, the midwife visiting expectant mothers in remote areas, the emergency workers rushing patients to the ER or the professor passing on insights to the next generation of medical professionals from a different site. Until recently, sharing live updates during a bedside ultrasound exam was a distant vision for these – and many other – POCUS users.


The future is now

Enter Philips Lumify integrated tele-ultrasound system powered by Reacts collaboration platform. This innovative solution takes communications in portable ultrasound medicine to a new level – connecting healthcare professionals in real time. It’s about allowing ambulance crews to stream live ultrasounds to the ER while the patient is still in transit. It’s about helping caregivers with limited access to advanced healthcare facilities to connect with professionals around the world. It’s about letting medical students and instructors share insights and knowledge across physical boundaries. And it’s about Philips partnering with clinicians to develop solutions based on our common belief that there is always a way to make life better.



Truly portable ultrasound


Philips Lumify with Reacts is an app-based handheld ultrasound solution for two-way, real-time communications between healthcare professionals. It lets healthcare workers stream live ultrasound exams –facilitating real-time discussion on the fly. This collaborative platform gives caregivers access to advice and second opinions that would otherwise be obscured by physical distances.

All they need to bridge the gap to better collaboration is the Philips Lumify handheld ultrasound system, a Reacts account and web access.


From collaboration to confidence


The compact, portable ultrasound system helps medical professionals incorporate insights and advice from their peers – translating the benefits of Philips Lumify with Reacts into tangible patient care. When it comes to clinical education, these valuable insights have long-term impact.


To facilitate effective learning, students and trainers need face-to-face contact. The Lumify with Reacts collaboration platform lets teachers instruct their students in real-time from a different location. Leveraging live streaming and the solution’s built-in communication tools, students can consult with their supervisors, gain feedback, ask for advice and share their clinical cases even when they are in a different room or at a different site. Learning can happen quickly, efficiently – and virtually everywhere.


Expertise when and where it’s needed


A unique project in Peru and California, USA, underlines the vast potential of real-time ultrasound streaming. When new government guidelines came into force in Peru, stating that ER departments have access to ultrasound, the regulations came with a catch: no training was included in the plan. Cue Dr Andrea Dreyfuss from Highland Hospital in Oakland, California – and an illuminating idea. She launched an Emergency Ultrasound Fellowship program to provide remote training to physicians in Hospital Dos de Mayo in Peru’s capital Lima – beating a new path in ultrasound education. Read the full story here.

As this case clearly shows, Philips Lumify with Reacts can make a real difference – turning real-time guidance into real-time learning. We’d love to hear your experiences using this collaborative solution or why not share your ideas on translating real-time instruction into real-time inspiration?

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