The ability to request technical or clinical support on your own terms is one of the most popular features in the portal. That said, not everyone has the permission to request support. The request support feature is reserved only for users with Create Case Authorizations. If you do not see the button to request support, it means you can only view information.

How to request support

You can request support from the:


1. Home Page

2. Location Details Page

3. Account Details Page

4. Installed Product Details Page


When you request support, the system will require that you identify the Installed Product to proceed.

You may identify an Installed Product based on any of the associated fields (Installed Product number, Installed Product name, Tech ID, Serial Number, Customer Inventory Number and Custom IP Description).

  1. Once the IP is identified, the product details will appear to verify that this is the correct system. Here you will have to answer the mandatory Safety Questions. 

When you indicate (and confirm) that a patient or user was harmed, you will be immediately informed that under this condition a case cannot be created via the portal and asked to contact the Customer Care Solution Center at the specified number. This is to ensure the fastest possible response from an operational and regulatory perspective, as these kinds of situations require very dedicated activities.

  1. Assuming no-one was harmed, go to step 2.
  2. Select the Priority of your case.
  3. Select the Type of Service.
  4. By default, you are logged as the case contact. However you do have the option to change the case contact.
  5. Enter/confirm call back number.
  6. You can add up to three additional contacts to the case. These contacts will receive an e-mail message upon creation of the case, as well as another email once all service activities have been completed.
  7. Enter your internal case reference number.
  8. Enter subject.
  9. Add as much details of the problem as possible to expedite the service request.
  10. When it is required, for troubleshooting purposes, to include Patient Health Information, please enter this data in the designated ‘Patient Health Information’ field. This information can only be read by authorized Philips employees and is not accessible to portal users.
  11. Files can be uploaded on the Case Detail Page once the case is created.
  12. Click the “Create Case” button.

The next screen is the Case Detail screen created by your submission. Here you can note the Case Number generated by the system. In this example the box, ‘PHI Data’ is checked, because patient data was entered.

How to cancel a case
It’s not possible to cancel a case. If assistance is no longer needed, click on the button “Add Case Activity” and notate that the ticket should be closed.

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