In the header of the case details page, you will find the following information:


Case number

Case number is a Philips internal case number.


Event type

  • Incident
  • Predictive / Preventative Maintenance
  • Field Change Order
  • Supplementary Services
  • Installation
  • Proactive Monitoring

Some event types may not be visible in all countries.

Case priority

  1. Critical Need
  2. System Down
  3. System Retricted
  4. Intermitten Problem
  5. Scheduled Activity

Case status


  • New – Case is logged
  • In Progress – Philips Service personnel is handling the case
  • Complete – Services have been delivered, no remaining actions
  • Customer Contact – Customer contact person for this case

Your reference number


Your reference number, when the case is still open you can add/update this number. You can add your internal case reference that you use in your own asset management system.


Case Subject


Case Description



Coverage by Contract/Warranty/Purchase Order. If this case is (partailly) covered by contract/warranty you will see the corresponding reference number. When shown, you can navigate to the respective details pages by clicking the number.


PHI Data

PHI Data (Patient Health Information) If such information was entered/provided, the PHI field will be checked. Information entered in this field can only be read by authorized Philips personnel and is not accessible to portal users.


Details of the Associated Installed Product

Furthermore, each case details page may contain the following tabs:


Case Activities

Case Activities allow you to add additional comments to the case with its status is ’New’ or ’In Progress’. These comments will be visible on this tab as well as any other non-technical updates regarding the case directed to the customer. For incident cases you can add/view the comments by clicking on the Case Tracking tab. 


Planned visits

Planned visits, if there are scheduled visits for that case, information is visible on this tab



Documents allow you to view and download multiple document types that summarize a service visit such as:

  • Customer Service Reports (CSR) / Action Notification Report (ANR) - Engineer’s summary of the service performed.
  • Test and Inspection Results - Predicitive Maintenance specific report based on the feedback from the engineer
  • Quotes

Case Comments

Case Comments allow you to see the diagnostic performed by engineer, debrief system status and resolution reported by engineer. For incident cases this information is visible via the Case Tracking tab.



Labor allows you to see the labor details performed by the engineer/technican.



Part details are for ‘material only’ situations in which no engineer will come to exchange the part.


Case Tracking

Case Tracking provides chronological overview of activities that were performed on the incident case (only) and allows track the status of the case. You may see the following type of interventions:


  • Remote Intervention - provides details of the remote service intervention.
  • Dispatch of Engineer - informs about the planned date and time of the visit.
  • Onsite Intervention - provides details of the onsite service intervention.
  • Bench Repair - provides details of the part being repaired. You can track the shipment both inbound to Philips and outbound to Customer.
  • Parts Order /Material Only - part details which are for ‘material only’ situations in which no engineer will come to exchange the part.
  • Files Uploaded by CS portal user
  • Customer comment added to a case
  • Case opened date and time
  • Case closure date and time

File Upload
File Upload allow you to add attachmenets during the case creation/update process for cases with status 'New' and 'In Process'.

Depending on the country, engineer names may or may not be visible and that when not visible the engineer names will appear as ‘Engineer 1’, ‘Engineer 2’.

Once a part has been shipped the tracking number (incl URL when available) will be available for Bench Repair and Material Only.

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You are about to visit a Philips global content page


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