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Imagine a device that allows doctors performing surgery to simultaneously monitor a patient’s vital signs and react to changes – without ever having to take their eyes off the procedure or patient. We’ve imagined it and more.


By connecting game-changing technologies from Google and Philips IntelliVue Solutions, we have simulated the first proof of concept for the seamless transfer of patient vital signs into Google Glass.


The potential?

A whole new way for doctors to quickly get the information they need when they need it most. Our proof of concept, collaborated upon with Accenture, demonstrates how clinicians can benefit from hands-free, voice-controlled access to critical data while in the operating room or on the go in the hospital.


The Google Glass IntelliVue Solutions concept is a notable milestone in our research into emerging technologies and how they can be applied in healthcare to improve patient care.


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Dr. David Feinstein with Philips and Accenture developers test out Google Glass before entering OR simulator lab. Google Glass and Philips’ Intellivue Solutions originates from Philips’ ‘Digital Accelerator Lab.’ Their research looks at the ability for clinicians to call up images and other clinical information including data from patients’ records from anywhere in the hospital using wearable technology.

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